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Locksmith Cumbernauld

Locksmith Cumbernauld

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If you are locked out, or you have just moved into a new property, or you need an older or failing lock replaced – get in touch with Lock Out Scotland Locksmith Cumbernauld.  We offer a high quality, speedy service at a competitive price.  Our fully trained, qualified and Disclosure Scotland Checked team of local locksmiths are on call 24/7 to ensure your property is secure when you need it. So if you are locked out in Cumbernauld, get in touch and we will be there within an hour.

uPVC Locksmith Cumbernauld

Many people are surprised that we can fix and replace locking mechanisms on uPVC front doors.  It seems that people just assume that if their lock fails they will need a whole new door and that is not true.  Whether your door is broken or the lock is starting to stick and wear, Lock Out Scotland will diagnose any issues straight away.  Sometimes the issue is as simple as realignment – this may be the problem for your door if it is easier to lock when it is open than when it is closed.  Whatever the problem with your uPVC door, we are sure that we will have seen it in our years as a trusted locksmith in Cumbernauld, and most of our call outs result in us fixing the issue on the spot – either with a repair or a replacement.

Modern uPVC doors’ multi-locking mechanisms may all seem incredibly safe and secure, but if you are in a new property and want some advice on just how fool-proof your doors are, we can carry out a security check of your doors, windows and even external locks such as garage doors.  Whatever kind of doors and windows your property has, we will have the tools and experience to service, or replace them on the spot.  We also offer the same security check service for businesses.  We will advise on which locks require upgrading, which need servicing, and which are fit for purpose.

Locksmith Cumbernauld


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Emergency Locksmith Cumbernauld

The door shuts behind you; the key gets stuck in the lock; or the keys are nowhere to be found…and you get that sinking feeling.  You are locked out.  The last thing you need is a tradesman preaching to you.  You are stressed and you just need someone to come and help you – as quickly as possible.  If it happens to you, get in touch with Lock Out Scotland locksmith Cumbernauld.  We are local, qualified and reliable.  We will be there within an hour and we do not charge call out fees.  Our prices are competitive and we aim to fix every lock on the spot, leaving your property secure and accessible when it matters most to you.

Our locksmith in Cumbernauld will respond to your emergency, armed with the best tools and latest technology to gain access to your property without causing damage to your door or lock wherever possible.  If the only option is to replace a broken lock, then we carry stock of the best locks on the market and should have a high quality option to fit your door with us.  We get you in, we leave you with keys and a secure property – all with as little disruption and hassle to you as possible.

New locks Locksmith Cumbernauld

It is always prudent to change your locks when you move into a new property.  No matter how lovely the people who owned it before you were, they may not have changed the locks when they moved in – so there is a possibility, however remote, that a stranger has a set of keys to your new dream home.  Also, if your locks have not been changed in that long, you can be sure that there are more secure options on the market now.  We recommend that as soon as a lock starts being harder to open, or a key sticks as it turns – then it is time to get the lock serviced or a new lock fitted.  Prevention is a better option than the sinking feeling of being locked out, or in, your property!

Lock Out Scotland locksmith Cumbernauld can visit your new property and assess the current state of all locks in your home – on doors, windows, conservatories and external buildings like garages.  Once we have carried out a thorough security inspection, we will offer advice on what your property needs now, and what it may need in the future so you can make an informed choice on what you would like us to do.

We understand that keeping your home secure and your family safe is a priority, but new locks may not be something that you have budgeted for within the huge expense of moving house.  That is why we do not charge a call out fee, and our rates are extremely competitive.  We will also present you with different options, to make sure you can find something that suits your needs and budget.

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